All Projects (Ongoing and Completed)

Park Abbreviations: NHP, National Historical Park; NHS, National Historic Site; NL, National Lakeshore; NM, National Monument; NMem, National Memorial; NP, National Park; NPres, National Preserve; NRA, National Recreation Area; NS, National Seashore; NSR, National Scenic Riverway; P, Park; Pres, Preserve; SSR, Scenic & Recreational River; WSR, Wild & Scenic River

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Project Park State Starting Year

Water Quality Changes Caused by a Recent Fire and the Effects on the Tavasci Marsh Ecosystem

Tuzigoot NM AZ 2024

Capitalizing on a natural experiment: A unique opportunity to inform the Herring River salt marsh restoration

Cape Cod NS MA 2024

Determining the environmental health of the Yellow River entering Effigy Mounds National Monument

Effigy Mounds NM IA 2024

Water quality assessment of aquatic parasites and pathogens in Grand Canyon National Park using eDNA

Grand Canyon NP AZ , NV , UT 2024

Surveillance and evaluation of avian influenza virus in National Park waterbodies

Glen Canyon NRA , Grand Canyon NP , Point Reyes NS , Alcatraz Island , National Mall az , ut , ca , dc 2024

Power analysis of water quality monitoring

hi , cnmi 2024

The Rusting of Arctic Rivers: Using orange streams to identify and assess degraded water quality caused by metal mobilization from permafrost soils

AK 2023

A Preliminary Gap Analysis of Gateway National Recreation Area Water-Quality Data to Inform Future Data Collection Efforts

Gateway NRA NY 2023

A Nationwide Assessment of Per-and Polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) on National Park Service Lands

Nationwide 2023

High Resolution CO2 Measurements to Better Understand Visitor Impact on Cave Water Quality

Timpanogos Cave NM UT 2023

Source and extent of mercury contamination in the South Slough of Redwood Creek to inform management action

Redwood NP CA 2023

Assessment of the Occurrence, Transport, and Fate of Wastewater Contaminants of Emerging Concern at Springs along the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon NP AZ 2023

Identification and Distribution of Toxigenic Benthic Cyanobacteria in Yosemite

Yosemite NP CA 2023

Restoration of the Sulphur Springs Geothermal Area, Valles Caldera National Preserve: Evaluation of surface water quality and geothermal resources before, during, and after restoration

Valles Caldera NPres NM 2023

Ocean chemistry affecting ESA-listed corals in Dry Tortugas National Park

Dry Tortugas National Park FL 2022

Identifying and Projecting Water Quality Outcomes of Canal Backfilling Restoration at Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

Jean Lafitte NHP & Pres LA 2022

Patterns in Escherichia coli (E. coli) concentrations in the New River and Development of a Surrogate Model for E. coli, New River Gorge National Park and Preserve, West Virginia

New River Gorge NR WV 2022

Understanding the contaminants in Glorieta Creek and Pecos River related to wastewater treatment facilities near Pecos National Historical Park, New Mexico

Pecos National Historical Park NM 2022

Baseline Water-Quality Inventory for Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park, New Jersey

Paterson Great Falls National Historical Park NJ 2022

How will methods to suppress an invasive fish affect Yellowstone Lake water quality?

Yellowstone NP WY 2022

Reconnaissance sampling and long-term design for water quality monitoring downstream from a major placer mining operation in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park and Preserve

Wrangell-St Elias NP & Pres AK 2022

Environmental DNA tools to assess changes in algal communities and potential for harmful blooms

Sequoia / Kings Canyon NP CA 2022

Effects of Wildfire on Water Quality in Rocky Mountain National Park

Rocky Mountain NP CO 2022
Utilization and Method Development of Non-native Quagga Mussels (Dreissena bugensis) as a Monitoring Tool for Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Affecting Water Resources and Biota in the Lake Powell Reservoir Ecosystem Glen Canyon NRA UT 2021
Evaluating the Water Quality at Springs along the South Rim of Grand Canyon National Park Grand Canyon NP AZ 2021
Combining Water-Quality Data with Remote Sensing to Improve Detection and Monitoring of Algal Blooms in Blue Mesa Reservoir Curecanti National Recreation Area, Colorado Curecanti NRA CO 2021
Diel Variation of Cyanotoxins: Are Potent Neurotoxins a Risk Outside of Daylight Hours? Voyageurs NP MN 2021
Using water level management to reduce cyanobacterial bloom toxicity Voyageurs NP MN 2021
Rapid Response Strategy for Potential Toxin Exposures from HABs in Coastal and Shoreline Areas of National Parks Acadia NP , Apostle Islands NL , Buffalo NR , Cape Cod NS , Canaveral NS , Curecanti NRA , Fire Island NS , Isle Royale NP , Lake Mead NRA , National Mall & Memorial Parks , Olympic NP , Padre Island NS , Perrys Victory and International Peace Mem , Saint Croix NSR , Sitka NHP , Sleeping Bear Dunes NL , Voyageurs NP , Zion NP AK , AR , AZ , CO , DC , FL , MA , ME , MI , MN , NV , NY , OH , TX , UT , WA , WI 2021
Compilation and Summary of post-1996 research findings in Congaree National Park, South Carolina Congaree NP SC 2021
Detecting and mitigating glacier lake outburst floods with measurements of conductivity and turbidity in Wrangell-St. Elias National Park, AK Wrangell-St Elias NP & Pres AK 2020
A Characterization of Contamination from Legacy Mining Activities Related to Water Resources at Coronado National Memorial Coronado NMem AZ 2020
Remote Sensing of Benthic Algal Blooms on the Buffalo National River Buffalo NR AR 2020

Sediment Nutrient Storage and Release in Rodeo Lagoon, Golden Gate National Recreation Area - Management Implications for Harmful Algal Blooms and Die-offs of Threatened and Endangered Fish.

Golden Gate NRA CA 2020
Does a copper-nitrate synergy drive algal blooms and toxicity in Sierra Nevada lakes? Sequoia / Kings Canyon NP CA 2020

Identifying Historical Trends and Current Patterns of Anthropogenic Nutrient Loading to NPSA's Ofu Pools and Its Impacts on Coral Health

The National Park of American Samoa AS 2020
Ultraviolet Light Screen Chemical Contamination of Coral Reefs in the Virgin Islands National Park Virgin Islands NP VI 2020

Beavers impacting tundra ecosystems: Quantifying effects on hydrology, permafrost, water quality, and fish habitat in Alaska's arctic national parks

AK 2019
Investigation of the vulnerability of water resources at Chaco Culture National Historical Park related to threats from oil and natural gas drilling Chaco Culture NHP NM 2019
Synoptic survey of cyanobacterial bloom distribution, toxicity, and associated water-quality conditions in Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Montana and Wyoming Bighorn Canyon NRA WY 2019
Application of Hydroacoustics to Provide Continuous Real-Time Information on Metallic Contaminants in the Clark Fork during Superfund Remediation Activities at the Grant-Kohrs Ranch National Historic Site near Deer Lodge, Montana Grant-Kohrs Ranch NHS MT 2019
Developing tools to determine causes and toxicity of cyanobacterial blooms in the St. Croix National Scenic Riverway (SACN) Saint Croix NSR WI 2019
Cyanotoxins in Fish: Assessing the Risk Voyageurs NP MN 2019

Assessing harmful algal blooms of Pseudo-nitzschia in coastal marine waters at Acadia National Park and the NPS potential role in mitigation through water quality control

Acadia NP ME 2019
Integrating multi-year, multi-source data to assess pre-restoration water quality and support adaptive management plan in the Herring River Estuary, Cape Cod National Seashore Cape Cod NS MA 2019
Distribution and Occurrence of Cyanobacteria and Cyanotoxins in the Surface and Cave Waters at Mammoth Cave National Park Mammoth Cave NP KY 2019
Occurrence, Sources, and Potential for Adverse Effects of Anthropogenic Bioactive Chemicals in Surface Water in Great Smoky Mountains National Park Great Smoky Mountains NP TN , NC 2019

Water-quality control (nutrient limitation) of harmful algal blooms ("red tides") in coastal embayments of Cape Cod National Seashore

Cape Cod NS MA 2018
Change in Anthropogenic-Bioactive-Chemical Exposure and Effects on Colorado River Fish Populations Within and Upstream of CANY Before and After Moab, Utah WWTF Upgrade Arches NP , Canyonlands NP UT 2018

Occurrence of the Pathogen Naegleria fowleri in National Park Hot Springs: Environmental factors, Visitor Safety, and Management Actions

Grand Teton NP , Lake Mead NRA , Yellowstone NP WY , NV 2018
Orthophosphate release rates from sediments above the water line at Lake Mead - will a rise in lake levels trigger a harmful algal bloom? Lake Mead NRA NV 2018
Are Mountain Lakes on a Trajectory of Rapid Eutrophication toward Harmful Algal Blooms? Rocky Mountain NP , Sequoia / Kings Canyon NP , Yosemite NP CA , CO , MT , WY 2018
Pipestone National Monument Water-Quality Assessment Pipestone NM MN 2018
Rapid-Assessment Test Strips for Determining Cyanotoxin Presence in Algal Blooms Voyageurs NP MN 2018
National Park Service/USGS Water Quality Partnership Evaluating Potential Refugia for the Endangered Mohave Tui Chub Mojave NPres CA 2018
Assessment of beach-spawning habitat restoration on dissolved oxygen, groundwater upwelling, and egg survival of Lake Ozette Sockeye, OLYM Olympic NP WA 2018
Molecular Source Tracking of Enteric Bacteria in 303d-Listed Cedar Creek Watershed Congaree National Park Congaree NP SC 2018
Mapping optimal restoration sites for persistence of greenback and Colorado River cutthroat trout Rocky Mountain NP CO 2017
Effects of Imidacloprid Treatment of Hemlocks on Aquatic Ecosystems: Is the Cure Worse than the Disease? Bluestone NSR , Gauley River NRA , New River Gorge NR WV , VA 2017

Will clarity and dissolved oxygen in Crater Lake change in a future climate?

Crater Lake NP OR 2017
Impacts of shallow groundwater contamination to Goodell Creek, North Cascades NP North Cascades NP WA 2017
Occurrence and potential risk of microplastics in Lake Mead and the Delaware River Delaware Water Gap NRA , Lake Mead NRA , Upper Delaware SRR , Lower Delaware PA , NV , NY , NJ 2017
Establishing an Updated, Modern GIS-Based Map Product for Groundwater and Surface-Water Hazards and Spill-Response Mitigation in, and Adjacent to, Mammoth Cave National Park Mammoth Cave NP KY 2017
Hydrocarbon Monitoring in Response to Personal Watercraft Regulation at Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Glen Canyon NRA UT 2016
Occurrence, Fate, Transport, and Ecological Effects of Aerially Applied herbicides to control invasive buffelgrass in the ecologically sensitive desert ecosystem of Saguaro National Park Saguaro NP NH 2016
Baseline Water Quality at Herbert Hoover National Historical Site Prior to Flood Mitigation Retention Basin Construction Herbert Hoover NHS IA 2016
National Park Service/USGS Water Quality Partnership Improving the Water Quality of Cub Creek: Using Real Time Continuous Data and Engaging the Next Generation Homestead NM of America NE 2016
Emerging Contaminants and Nutrients from Septic Systems in Groundwater at Fire Island National Seashore, NY Fire Island NS NY 2016
Potential for Impacts of Changing Groundwater Salinity, Geochemistry, and Levels from Sea-Level Rise on Archaeological, Cultural, and Biological resources, Jamestown Island, Colonial National Historical Park Colonial NHP VA 2016
The Role of Nutrients in Fish Kills at Rodeo Lagoon. Golden Gate National Recreational Area, California Golden Gate NRA CA 2016
Bacterial Monitoring and Source Tracking, Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area Chattahoochee River NRA GA 2016
Using Molecular Tools to Understand and Predict Cyanobacterial Harmful Algal Bloom Toxicity in Kabetogama Lake, Voyageurs National Park, Minnesota Voyageurs NP MN 2016
Investigate Mine Waste, Groundwater Quality and Flow Directions to Assess Alternative Remediation Strategies at the Old Yuma Mine, Saguaro National Park, Arizona Saguaro NP NH 2015
Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Bacteria Indicators and Microbial Source Tracking Markers within Tumacacori National Historic Park and the Santa Cruz Watershed Tumacacori NM AZ 2015
Modeling the connections between hydrology, water quality, and ecosystem health to support coastal preservation efforts across the Northern Gulf Coast Big Thicket NPres TX 2015
Differentiating natural vs. anthropogenic mercury inputs and subsequent Se/Hg interactions and biogeochemical cycling in Bighorn Lake, Bighorn Canyon National Recreation Area, Montana and Wyoming Bighorn Canyon NRA WY 2015
Assessment of Nutrient Loads and Water Quality Effects from a Large CAFO Located on a Major Tributary of Buffalo River, Arkansas Buffalo NR AR 2015
Dye Trace and Hydrologic Assessment at Margaret White Spring, Buffalo River Buffalo NR AR 2015
Identifying hotspots for botulism toxin production at Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore - the role of beaches and shallow waters Sleeping Bear Dunes NL MI 2015
Comparing Trace Metal Concentrations in Water and Pectoral Fin Rays to Assess Lake Sturgeon Populations in Voyageurs National Park, MN Voyageurs NP MN 2015
Water Quality, the controlling factor on the herring run, aquaculture, and blue carbon at the Herring River salt-marsh restoration, Cape Cod National Seashore Cape Cod NS MA 2015
Understanding the Direct and Indirect Effects of Dam Removal on Water Quality and Primary and Secondary Productivity in the Elwha River Olympic NP WA 2015
Determine Occurrence, Sources, and Potential for Biodegradation of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Protected-River Systems of the National Park Service Southeast Region Big South Fork NR and NRA , Chattahoochee River NRA , Little River Canyon NPres , Obed WSR , Wekiva River TN , GA , AL , FL 2015
Linking freshwater mercury concentrations in parks to risk factors and bio-sentinels: a national-scale research and citizen science partnership Nationwide 2014
Occurrence, sources, and persistence of endocrine disrupting chemicals in surface-water bed sediment in the Northern Colorado Plateau Network CO , UT , WY , AZ 2014
Biogeochemical and physical processes controlling mercury methylation and bioaccumulation in Lake Powell, Glen Canyon National Recreation Area Glen Canyon NRA UT 2014
Assess Drivers of Fish Mercury Body Burdens to Inform a Decision Regarding Artificial Water Level Management for Voyageurs National Park Lake Voyageurs NP MN 2014
Determination of existing water quality in selected tributaries to the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River through collection of additional discrete water samples and installation of continuous water-quality monitors Upper Delaware SRR PA 2014
Is the Mixing Regime of Crater Lake Likely to Change in a Future Climate? Crater Lake NP OR 2014
Perchlorate Contamination of Water Resources Resulting from Independence Day Firework Displays at Mount Rushmore National Memorial Mount Rushmore NMem SD 2013
Quantifying Groundwater Nitrate Load Contribution in a Major Stream Basin within the Buffalo River Watershed, Arkansas Buffalo NR AR 2013
Examining Trends in Mercury in Small Lakes in Voyageurs National Park Voyageurs NP MN 2013
Determination of Existing Water Quality in Selected Tributaries to the Upper Delaware Scenic and Recreational River Upper Delaware SRR PA 2013
Effects of Stock and Backpackers on Water Quality in Yosemite National Park Yosemite NP CA 2013
How Are Endocrine-Disrupting Compounds Moving Through the Food Web in Lake Mead National Recreation Area? Lake Mead NRA NV 2013
Use of Stable Isotopes and Other Natural Tracers for Evaluating Potential Water Quality Changes in Kaloko-Honokohau National Historical Park, Island of Hawai'i Kaloko-Honokohau NHP HI 2013
Contaminant Transport from a Lakeside Landfill on Gorge Lake, North Cascades National Park North Cascades NP WA 2013
A Predictive Model to Manage Seagrass Community Characteristics based on Existing Water-quality and Ecological Data Biscayne NP , Everglades NP FL 2013
Evaluating Water Quality - Water Quantity Tradeoffs in a Restored Everglades Everglades NP FL 2013
Occurrence, Sources, and Biodegradation Potential of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Congree National Park Congaree NP SC 2013
Nutrient Source Identification for Nearshore Reefs in Virgin Islands National Park Virgin Islands NP VI 2013
Occurrence, Sources, and Potential for Biodegradation of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Rocky Mountain NP Rocky Mountain NP CO 2012
Assessing Water Quality Trends in the Hot Springs of Hot Springs NP Hot Springs NP AR 2012
Development of a Model for Predicting Recreational Water Quality of the Cuyhoga River in Cuyahoga Valley NP based on RealTime Turbidity and Stage Data Cuyahoga Valley NP OH 2012
Determination of Algal Toxin Concentration in Surface Water Isle Royale NP , Pictured Rocks NL , Sleeping Bear Dunes NL MI 2012
Productivity and Fish Habitat responses to Changes in Nutrient Loading and Climate in Lake St. Croix - St. Croix National Scenic Riverway Saint Croix NSR WI 2012
Assess Changes in Trophic State in Voyageurs NP Lakes after Implementation of a Revised Water Level Management Plan Voyageurs NP MN 2012
Assessment of the use of buffered zero valent iron amendments for reduction of mercury methylation in wetland sediments at Acadia NP Acadia NP ME 2012
Install four continuous water quality monitors near Delaware River Basin Marcellus Shale development Delaware Water Gap NRA PA 2012
Lead Contamination in Supply Wells at Pipe Spring NM Pipe Spring NM AZ 2011
Assessment of Metal Contamination in Water, Sediments, and Biota in Tavasci Marsh Tuzigoot NM AZ 2011
Effects of Mountain Pine Beetle Induced Tree Mortality on Water Quality Rocky Mountain NP CO 2011
Occurrence and Effects of Endocrine Active Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals in the St. Croix NSR Saint Croix NSR WI 2011
Calculation of Streamflow and Nutrient Loading between Namakan Lake and Kabetogama Lake Using Index-Velocity Methods Voyageurs NP MN 2011
Addressing Eutrophication and Nuisance Algal Blooms in Bass Harbor Marsh Estuary: Impact of Nitrogen and Sediment Acadia NP ME 2011
Baseline Water Quality in National Park Units within the Marcellus Shale Gas Play Allegheny Portage Railroad NHS , Delaware Water Gap NRA , Flight 93 NMem , Fort Necessity NB , Johnstown Flood NMem , Martin Van Buren NHS , New River Gorge NR , Saratoga NHP , Upper Delaware SRR PA , NY , VA 2011
Acid-Mine Drainage Remediation Strategies for Ice Pond Run and Underground Mine-Pool Issues at Friendship Hill NHS Friendship Hill NHS PA 2011
Assessment of Contaminants Leaching from a Landfill Adjacent to the Coral Reefs on the Island of Ofu The National Park of American Samoa AS 2011
Baseline Aquatic Contamination and Endocrine Status in Resident Fish Populations of Biscayne NP and Adjacent Coastal Wetlands Biscayne NP FL 2011
Mercury Dynamics in Contrasting Watersheds of Glacier Bay Glacier Bay NP & Pres AK 2010
Water-Quality Characteristics of the Chulitna River Lake Clark NP & Pres AK 2010
Determination of Presence of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Trace Elements in Sediments & Potential for Bioaccumulation in Biota Glen Canyon NRA UT 2010
Improve Visitor Experience Through Water Quality and Sediment Studies of River Deltas Glen Canyon NRA UT 2010
Collect and Analyze Wastewater Indicators in Surface Water from Septic-Sewered Areas and Wetlands Indiana Dunes NL IN 2010
Characterize Sediment and Nutrient Loading from Urban Stormwater Saint Croix NSR WI 2010
Adaptive Management Needs for a Coastal Estuary at Risk Acadia NP ME 2010
Incidence and Characterization of Intersex, Testicular Tumors, and Reproductive Condition in Common Carp as Water Quality Indicators Lake Mead NRA NV 2010
Assessing the Influence of the Davis Pond Freshwater Diversion on Water-Quality in Waterways and Marshes of Barataria Preserve Jean Lafitte NHP & Pres LA 2010
Occurrence and Potential for Biodegradation of Endocrine Disrupting Contaminant Compounds Congaree NP SC 2010
Trace Karst Ground-Water Flow to Assess Water-Quality Impacts Wind Cave NP SD 2009
Monitor French Creek for Arsenic and Other Toxic Metals Hopewell Furnace NHS PA 2009
Map Critical Loads of Atmospheric Nitrogen Deposition Yosemite NP CA 2009
Use Stable Isotope Tracers to Determine Anthropogenic Inputs to Water Quality Kaloko-Honokohau NHP HI 2009
Sediment Transport and Saline Intrusion on Cape Sable Everglades NP FL 2009
Evaluate Water Quality of Streams Draining Abandoned and Reclaimed Mined Lands in the Kantishna Hills Denali NP & Pres AK 2008
Effects of Nitrogen Limitation and Biological Characteristics of High-Elevation Lakes Rocky Mountain NP CO 2008
Continous Chloride Measurement as an Indicator of Geothermal and Volcanic Hazards Yellowstone NP WY 2008
Monitor Progress Toward Nutrient Reduction Goals at Norway Point near Grantsburg Saint Croix NSR WI 2008
Nutrient Cycling and Relation to Changes in Water Levels for Kabetogama Lake Voyageurs NP MN 2008
Characterizing Submarine Groundwater Discharge to Great South Bay Fire Island NS NY 2008
Occurrence and Distribution of Current-Use Pesticides in Atmospheric Deposition Yosemite NP CA 2008
Developing Critical Loads for Atmospheric Deposition of Inorganic Nitrogen in Network Lakes Mount Rainier NP , North Cascades NP , Olympic NP WA 2008
Nearshore Effects of Residential Wastewater-Influenced Groundwater on Lake Crescent Olympic NP WA 2008
Develop a Strategy and Plan to Monitor the Indian River Sitka NHP AK 2007
Water-Quality Monitoring in Support of the McCarthy Road Wrangell-St Elias NP & Pres AZ 2007
Baseline Assessment of Water Quality and Aquatic Communities of the North Fork of the Flathead River Glacier NP MT 2007
Assessment of Nitrogen Saturation and Episodic Acidification Status Rocky Mountain NP CO 2007
Program & Coordination support through an Agency Liaison Position Washington D.C. Area Support Office (WASO) DC 2007
Assess Sediment and Water Quality as a Basis for Removing Cornell Dam Niobrara NSR NE 2007
Determine Nutrient Conditions, Cycling, and Biological Effects in Two Riverine Parks Mississippi NR & NRA , Saint Croix NSR WI , MN 2007
Organic Wastewater Chemicals in Rock Creek Park Rock Creek Park DC 2007
Real-Time Monitoring of Sodium and Chloride Saugus Iron Works NHS MA 2007
Publication of USGS Fact Sheet on Acidification Vulnerability Modeling Shenandoah NP VA 2007
Analyze Sulfer and Mercury Biogeochemistry in Crissy Marsh Golden Gate NRA CA 2007
Develop Multivariate Tool for Classifying Aquatic Ecosystems and Predicting Response to Climate Change Mount Rainier NP WA 2007
Investigate Influence of Seasonal Flood Waters on Mercury Methylation Congaree NP SC 2007
Limnology and Water Quality of Wonder Lake and Other Selected Lakes Denali NP & Pres AK 2006
Historical trends of Mercury and Trace Metal Deposition to High-Elevation Lakes Glacier NP , Rocky Mountain NP MT , CO 2006
Assess Threats to Water Quality Ozark NSR MO 2006
Predict Groundwater Susceptibility to Contaminants Saint Croix NSR WI 2006
Assessment of Nutrient Loading to Jamaica Bay Gateway NRA NY 2006
Define Existing Water Quality in Streams for Development of Special Protection Waters Standards Upper Delaware SRR PA 2006
Water-Quality Monitoring in Support of Establishing User Capacities Yosemite NP CA 2006
Construct a Nutrient Budget for Lake Crescent to Assess the Impact of Human Nutrient Enrichment Olympic NP WA 2006
Monitoring Suspended Sediment in the Elwha River Olympic NP WA 2006
Microbial Source Identification and Characterization in Lake Crescent Olympic NP WA 2006
USGS Data Collection and Analysis of Required Water Quality Parameters: Outstanding Waters Designation Curecanti NRA CO 2005
Effects of Wildfire on Water Quality Glacier NP MT 2005
USGS Technical Assistance for Water Quality Vital Signs Monitoring AZ , CO , UT , NM 2005
Salinity and Source of Nutrients in the Rio Grande/Rio Bravo between Presidio and Amistad Reservoir Big Bend NP TX 2005
Defining Nutrient Fluxes to Estuaries to Assess Alternatives for Nutrient Loading Remediation Cape Cod NS MA 2005
Determine the Susceptibility of Springs in the Mojave Network to Climate Change and Development Death Valley NP , Joshua Tree NP , Mojave NPres CA 2005
Fire Impacts on Nutrients and Sediments in Redwood Creek Watershed and Lilburn Cave Sequoia / Kings Canyon NP CA 2005
Evaluate Hydrocarbon Contamination in Lake Powell Glen Canyon NRA UT 2004
Determine Wildfire Effects on Water Quality of Lowland Leopard Frog Habitat Saguaro NP NH 2004
Tech. Assis. for Water Quality Vital Signs - Northern Colorado Plateau Network Pipe Spring NM AZ 2004
Water Quality and Biological Assessment Along the Rio Grande * Amistad NRA TX 2004
Assessment of Sources of Septic Contamination of Rock Creek Chickasaw NRA OK 2004
Delineation of Recharge Area for Cold Water Component of Geothermal Spgs. Hot Springs NP AR 2004
Develop a Method to Rapidly Estimate Fecal-Indicator Bacteria Concentrations Cuyahoga Valley NP OH 2004
Ecological & Physical Effects of Sediment Loads to the Potomac River Due to Flushing of Sludge from Reservoirs - Part 1: Chemical Evaluation of Sediment Chesapeake and Ohio Canal NHP DC 2004
Review and Storage of Long-Term Water-Quality Monitoring Data for the Kettle-Hole Ponds * Cape Cod NS MA 2004
Assess Effects of Human Activities and Recreational Use on Bacteria Concentrations in Streams * Shenandoah NP VA 2004
Tomales Bay Watershed Sediment Transport Monitoring Point Reyes NS CA 2004
Assess the Instream Biological, Habitat, and Water Quality Conditions Whiskeytown NRA CA 2004
Occurrence and Toxicity of Incomplete Combustion of PWCs Lake Mead NRA NV 2004
Transport of Suspended Sediment & Effect on Aquatic Habitat in Elwha River Olympic NP WA 2004
Complete Phase Two Implementation of Water Quality Monitoring Program Canaveral NS FL 2004
Restoration of Federally Listed Mussel Species and Water Quality Monitoring in Heavily Coal Mined Area Big South Fork NR and NRA TN 2004
Potential Effects of Logging on Water Quality in Crescent River Watershed Lake Clark NP & Pres AK 2003
Quality Assurance and Publication of Water Quality Data Collected From Streams, Rivers and Reservoirs Curecanti NRA CO 2003
Synoptic Survey of Ammonium Perchlorate Presence Along Lost River White Sands NM NM 2003
Streamflow and Water Quality Monitoring Station for Salt Creek Canyonlands NP UT 2003
State of Montana Water Right Compact Yellowstone NP WY 2003
303(d) - Source Identification of Fecal Indicator Bacteria in Water and Streambed Sediments Ozark NSR MO 2003
Research and Monitor Water Quality of Niobrara National Scenic River Niobrara NSR NE 2003
Ecological Health Assessment in Riverine Faunal Communities Rock Creek Park DC 2003
Effects of Fungicide Runoff on Aquatic Fungal Communities on Leaf Litter Rock Creek Park DC 2003
Determine/Model Sources of Groundwater and Nutrients Acadia NP ME 2003
Robowell: Automated Groundwater Monitoring Cape Cod NS MA 2003
Devils Hole Water and Sediment Chemistry Death Valley NP CA 2003
Risk Assessment for Aquatic Ecosystems in Wilderness Areas Yosemite NP CA 2003
Effects of Trace Elements on Water Quality and Biological Health Lake Roosevelt NRA WA 2003
Develop a Continous Stream Flow Monitoring Station Mammoth Cave NP KY 2003
Effects of Wastewater Effluent on the Water Quality of the John Wild River Gates of the Arctic NP & Pres AK 2002
Occurrence of Persistent Organic Pollutants and Current-Use Pesticides in Seasonal Snowpacks, Lake Water and Lake Sediment Glacier NP , Rocky Mountain NP MT , CO 2002
Document Hydrologic Response to Watershed Restoration: Measure Runoff and Suspended Sediment Bandelier NM , Canyon de Chelly NM , Chaco Culture NHP , Glen Canyon NRA , Mesa Verde NP NM , AZ , UT , CO 2002
Determine the Dependence of Aquatic Resources on Streamflow in Response to Proposed Tributary Impoundment Buffalo NR AR 2002
Study Relationships Between Land Use and Ground Water Quality in Chincoteague Bay Watershed Assateague Island NS MD 2002
Determining Impacts on Special-Protection Waters Delaware Water Gap NRA PA 2002
Develop Park-Wide Episodic Acidification Vulnerability Map Shenandoah NP VA 2002
Identification of Contamination Associated with Abandoned Mine Lands Whiskeytown NRA CA 2002
Assessment of Organic and Mercury Contamination Kaloko-Honokohau NHP HI 2002
Persistent Organic Pollution and Heavy Metals in Glacial Fed Lakes and Aquatic Biota North Cascades NP , Olympic NP WA 2002
Assessment of Nutrients and Pesticides in Barron and Turner River Canals Big Cypress NPres FL 2002
Using Beryllium-7 to Measure Current Sediment Inputs to Coral Reef Ecosystems Virgin Islands NP VI 2002
Effects of Oil and Gas Operations on Ground-Water Quality Big South Fork NR and NRA TN 2002
Assessment of Mercury Input and Bioaccumulation Congaree NP SC 2002
Occurrence and Distribution of Trace Elements in Land, Streams and Aquatic Life Cape Krusenstern NM AK 2001
Urban Impacts on the Water Quality of the Indian River Sitka NHP AK 2001
Evaluation of Water-Quality Impacts From Visitation & Recreational Use Within Side Canyons Glen Canyon NRA UT 2001
Age Dating, Isotopic Analysis & Source of Recharge of Ground Water Great Sand Dunes NP & Pres CO 2001
Technical Assistance Request for Cleanup Remediation White Sands NM NM 2001
Monitor In-Stream Biological Resources, Chemical Stressors & Land Uses Big Thicket NPres TX 2001
Fixed Site Stream-Flow and Water-Quality Monitoring for Calf Creek Buffalo NR AR 2001
Water-Quality and Ground-Water/Surface-Water Interactions near Long Lake Indiana Dunes NL IN 2001
Mercury Cycling in Small Lakes Voyageurs NP MN 2001
Assessment of Effects of Changes in Reservoir Operations on Trophic-State Indicators Voyageurs NP MN 2001
Ground-Water Nutrient Transport to Estuaries and Fresh-Water Ponds Cape Cod NS MA 2001
Reconnaissance Sampling for Selected Human-Health Pharmaceuticals Lake Mead NRA NV 2001
Survey of Porewater Chemistry of Floating Marshes Jean Lafitte NHP & Pres LA 2001
Correlate Water Quality with Evolving Land Use Mammoth Cave NP KY 2001
Assessment of Sediment Chemistry in the Colorado River Delta Glen Canyon NRA UT 2001
Design of Water Quality Monitoring Network for the Kobuk River Watershed Gates of the Arctic NP & Pres AK 2000
Analysis of Water Quality Data from the Kandik, Nation, and Yukon Rivers Yukon-Charley Rivers NPres AK 2000
Detailed Hydrogeologic Assessment of South Rim Area, Water Quality at Source of Springs Along the South Rim Grand Canyon NP AZ 2000
Monitoring Plan to Support the Assessment of Water Quality Status, Trends, and Degradation, Rio Grande Big Bend NP TX 2000
Assessment of Contamination of Springs Providing Water to the Bromide Pavilion Chickasaw NRA OK 2000
Assessment of Water Quality in the Washita River Washita Battlefield NHS OK 2000
Relation Between Periphyton Communities and Habitat, Water Quality, and Higher Level Aquatic Communities in Streams Buffalo NR AR 2000
Determining the Influence of Locally Derived Recharge on Thermal Spring Water Quality Hot Springs NP AR 2000
Develop Recreational Water Quality Advisory Predictive Model Cuyahoga Valley NP OH 2000
Developing Tools to Monitor and Predict Effects of Nutrient Enrichment on Estuaries Acadia NP ME 2000
Microbial Source Tracking in the Chattahoochee River Utilizing Ribosomal RNA Typing Chattahoochee River NRA GA 2000
Synthesis of the Current Status of Water Quality Congaree NP SC 2000
Water Quality Assessment of Costello and Colorado Creeks Denali NP & Pres AK 1999
Human Impacts on Water Quality and Riparian Habitats along the Alagnak Wild and Scenic River Katmai NP & Pres AK 1999
Water Quality of Streams in National Parks in the Cook Inlet NAWQA, Geochemical Characteristics of Johnson River Lake Clark NP & Pres AK 1999
Water Quality Assessment of Tlikikila Wild River Lake Clark NP & Pres AK 1999
Nutrient Enrichment and Productivity Study Curecanti NRA CO 1999
Evaluation and Monitoring of Water-Quality Trends Dinosaur NM CO 1999
Monitor Threats to Green and Yampa River Watersheds Dinosaur NM CO 1999
Effect of Changing Atmospheric Deposition on Chemistry of Lakes in [4] National Parks in Intermountain Region Glacier NP , Grand Teton NP , Rocky Mountain NP , Yellowstone NP MT , WY , CO 1999
Determine Baseline Water Quality for Outstanding Waters Designation Great Sand Dunes NP & Pres CO 1999

Baseline Assessment of Instream & Riparian Zone Biological Resources & Establishment of Rio Grande Benchmark Stations

Big Bend NP TX 1999
Fixed Station Water Quality Monitoring, Rio Grande Below Rio Conchos Big Bend NP TX 1999
Monitoring Plan to Support Assessment of Water-Quality Status, Trends, & Degradation, Rio Grande Big Bend NP TX 1999
Baseline Assessment of Instream and Riparian Zone Biological Resources and Establishment of Benchmark Stations Big Thicket NPres TX 1999
The Impacts of Oil and Gas Production on Contaminants in Lake Meredith Lake Meredith NRA TX 1999
Collecting Water-Quality Information on Soda Butte Creek at the Boundary Yellowstone NP WY 1999
Reduce Public Health Risk--Bacterial Contamination Jacks Fork River Ozark NSR MO 1999
Determine Dependence of Aquatic Resources on Stream Flow Buffalo NR AR 1999
Distribution of Semivolatile Organic Compounds in Bed Sediment Buffalo NR AR 1999
Assist w/ Data Analysis Aspects of Water Resources Management Planning Buffalo NR AR 1999
Assess Water Quality of Lakes and Streams Voyageurs NP MN 1999
Determine the Relationship Between Land Uses & Nutrient & Sediment Loadings Saint Croix NSR WI 1999
Baseline Water Quality Monitoring Rock Creek Park DC 1999
Assess Transport of Nutrients in Ground Water Discharge to Coastal Bays Assateague Island NS MD 1999
Forested Watershed Nitrogen Cycling and Estuarine N Loading Acadia NP ME 1999
Develop Episodic Stream Acidification Model Shenandoah NP VA 1999
Investigation of Abbott's Lagoon Trophic Condition & Biologic Distribution Point Reyes NS CA 1999
Fixed Station Monitoring of Coho & Steelhead Restoration Project Streams Point Reyes NS CA 1999
Effect of Changing Atmospheric Deposition on Chemistry of Lakes in [4] National Parks in southern Pacific West Region Lassen Volcanic NP , Sequoia / Kings Canyon NP , Yosemite NP CA 1999
Occurrence of Organochlorines and Semi-Volatile Compounds at Water Intake Facilities Lake Mead NRA NV 1999
Ecological Survey of Aquatic Organisms at Barataria Jean Lafitte NHP & Pres LA 1999
Survey of Surface Water Quality at Barataria Jean Lafitte NHP & Pres LA 1999
Design & Initiation of Stormwater Monitoring Program in Noland Creek Watershed Great Smoky Mountains NP TN , NC 1999
Assess & Establish Long-Term Hydrologic Inventory & Monitoring Network Obed WSR TN 1999
Develop Stream Flow Measurement Network Big South Fork NR and NRA TN 1999
Microbial Contamination in the Chattahoochee River Area Chattahoochee River NRA GA 1999
Evaluate Water Quality Impacts of Roanoke County Landfill Blue Ridge Parkway NC 1999