Establishing an Updated, Modern GIS-Based Map Product for Groundwater and Surface-Water Hazards and Spill-Response Mitigation in, and Adjacent to, Mammoth Cave National Park

Primary Investigators

USGS Investigators: Justin Boldt

NPS Investigators: Bobby Carson

Project Details

Start Year: 2017

Category: Technical Assistance

Project Location

NPS Park: Mammoth Cave NP

USGS Center: Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Water Science Center

States: KY

The potential for catastrophic environmental and economic impacts from spills and other anthropogenic activities is ever present for our national resources, especially those resources directly related to and/or developed by hydrologic and hydraulic processes such as Mammoth Cave National Park (MACA).

This project will develop better hydrologic analysis and information management tools needed to improve the protection of surface water and groundwater flow systems within Mammoth Cave National Park.

The objectives are to:

  • Compile existing data
  • Build a geospatial hydrologic network for both surface and underground flows (as available)
  • Develop a digital, interactive, and easy-to-use flow tracing tool to track the movement of chemicals or other dangerous materials spilled in the Mammoth Cave study area