Pipestone National Monument Water-Quality Assessment

Primary Investigators

USGS Investigators: Victoria Christensen

NPS Investigators: Sharla Stevenson

Project Details

Start Year: 2018

Category: Synoptic

2018 2019
$75,050 $75,050
Project Location

NPS Park: Pipestone NM

USGS Center: Upper Midwest Water Science Center

States: MN

Pipestone Creek is listed as impaired, primarily due to the presence of animal waste, and has been deemed unsuitable for swimming and wading. However, Pipestone Creek, which flows through Pipestone National Monument and forms Winnewissa Falls, is considered sacred to American Indians who bathe in the waters, possibly putting them and other Monument visitors at risk of disease.

The overall goal of this project is to identify the water-quality threats within PIPE, including chemical and biological contaminants, and assess the potential exposure risk to American Indian quarriers, staff, and park visitors.

Project Publications