What is the SAMIS?

The Science and Adaptive Management Information System (SAMIS) is integral to the Collaborative Program's support of science and adaptive management related to listed species in the Middle Rio Grande. As a relational tool, the SAMIS draws linkages between implemented or proposed activities and critical uncertainties, management questions, and Collaborative Program objectives. This enables prioritization of research needs and informs decision-making. The hub of the SAMIS is the Project Bank, a list of past, present, and proposed activities.

Schematic of information pathways and key linkages in the SAMIS.

How was the SAMIS developed?

The SAMIS was first conceptualized in 2020. SAMIS development largely took place over 2021 and early 2022, and refinements will be ongoing to ensure the SAMIS meets the evolving needs of the Collaborative Program.

The first public presentation on the SAMIS, then called the Adaptive Management Database, was given at the 2020 Science Symposium. While the tool has changed since then, the presentation still provides valuable information on the foundations of SAMIS. Check it out below if you're interested!

Which SAMIS app do I need?

To enter details about a project or update the status of a project, use the SAMIS Data Entry App. To sort, filter, and generate a list of projects, as well as generate a quick summary of projects, use the SAMIS Data Viewer App.

What if I have more questions?

The User Guide contains an introductory breakdown of the different aspects of both apps. If you have additional questions, please contact


How do I log in?

Collaborative Program members are selected by their Signatory representatives to receive login credentials on behalf of their organizations. If you should have access to the SAMIS, contact the Program Support Team at The same login credentials are used to access both the SAMIS Data Entry App and SAMIS Data Viewer App, but you will need to enter them separately for each app. A link to the Data Viewer App is also available on the Navigation Bar of the Data Entry App. Click the links below to reach the SAMIS apps.

SAMIS Data Entry App Log In SAMIS Data Viewer App Log In