Habitat Restoration (RioRestore)

The New Mexico Interstate Stream Commission (NMISC) contracted GeoSystems Analysis (GSA) to create a new comprehensive MRG habitat restoration geo-database (named RioRestore) that consolidates information from prior geo-spatial datasets, develops a standard nomenclature and attribution structure (e.g. data dictionary) for describing specific implementation activities and goals.

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Habitat Restoration Geospatial Data

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Data Description

The RioRestore tool also populates information into this standardized data structure (as available),and identifies and integrates project sites that are not included in previous geodatabases. The HRGDB developed by GSA under this project specifically includes HR sites constructed between Cochiti Dam on the upstream end and Elephant Butte Reservoir on the downstream end between the late 1990’s and present as the first phase with the recognition that some projects may be outside that boundary and can be included at a later date. Although every effort was made to include all HR projects within this area there may still be missing information.

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Chad McKenna
GeoSystems Analysis, Inc.

Data sets presented here are listed with permission from the agency or entity which created the data set.