USFWS Rio Grande Silvery Minnow Rescue Data

These data provide documentation of the number and location of rescued Rio Grande Silvery Minnow (RGSM) during extreme low flows in the Middle Rio Grande River from 2011 to 2018. Rescued RGSM were transported to another section of the river for release.

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Data Sets

USFWS 2011 2018 RGSM Rescue By Pool

USFWS 2011 2018 RGSM Rescue By Date

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Current Report

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Data Description

Data Collection Information

Data were collected during fish rescue operations from 2011 to 2018 in the Isleta and San Acacia reaches of the Middle Rio Grande River.

Unique Identifier

  • Unique “By Date” data are identified by the collection number (“collno”) and date (“date”).
  • Unique “By Pool” data are identified by the year (“year”) and pool ID (“poolID”).
  • Relationship between “By Date” and “By Pool”: “By date” data (parent table) can be merged with “By Pool” data (child table) using these fields: “year”,“collno”,”date”.

Data Contact

Thomas Archdeacon
United States Fish and Wildlife Service
505-342-9900 ext 105

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