Science for Decision Making on Uranium Mining in Arizona

Little Robinson Tank

Little Robinson Tank is a stock watering tank in the Arizona strip (the area of Arizona north of the Colorado River), approximately 35 miles southwest of Fredonia, and 11 miles west of Kanab Creek, in Mohave County. The site was chosen as a background or reference site for soil, dust, and biological sampling. Mammals and invertebrates were collected in July 2015 , and vegetation was collected in August 2015. Environmental DNA (eDNA) samples were collected in August 2016. Dust sample collectors were installed in August 2015. Soil samples were collected in November 2016 to characterize background chemical characteristics of the shallow subsurface.

Tank Location

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Activities listed below are scientific research studies occurring at this site. Studies within the Grand Canyon region are grouped by theme and each theme has specific tasks (referenced by task number).

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Analyze Ecological Risk of Contaminant Concentrations at Breccia Pipe Uranium Mines

  • GCSP Tasks: 15
  • Status: Completed


Characterizing Vegetation Communities at Breccia Pipe Deposits through the Mine Life Cycle

  • GCSP Tasks: 7a
  • Status: Completed


Environmental DNA at Mine and at Reference Locations

  • GCSP Tasks: 7a
  • Status: Completed


Exposure Characterization in Plants and Animals through the Mine Life Cycle


Characterize Aeolian Transport across the Mine Life Cycle

  • GCSP Tasks: 11
  • Status: Ongoing


Characterize Surface Radiation and Soil and Dust Chemistry through the Mine Life Cycle