Science for Decision Making on Uranium Mining in Arizona

Mines and Other Studies

Specific mines are being studied that represent different points in the mine-life cycle including undeveloped sites, pre-mining, active mining, post mining, and during and after reclamation. In some cases, a mine was studied at more than one point in the mine life cycle because mining progressed during our work (for example, the Pinenut Mine). Studied point(s) in the mine life cycle are listed after the mine name.

Studies are also occurring at non-mine sites. Little Robinson Tank represents a background, non-mineralized site. Studies at areas and scales that transcend individual mines are listed under Regional Studies.

For more information about the mines and specific scientific studies, click on the mine names below.

  • Arizona 1 (after mining, before reclamation)
  • Pinyon Plain (formerly Canyon) (pre-mining, some development)
  • EZ (pre-mining, undeveloped)
  • Pinenut (during and after active mining and reclamation)

Mine study sites and data collection activities

Grand Canyon Uranium Mines

Map shows mines studied, current status (2020) of the mines, data collected at each mine, mining withdrawal areas related to the 2012 Department of Interior Record of Decision, and land ownership. Click on a mine name for more information about that mine and specific scientific studies.

  • Some data collection activities shown on this map are not detailed on this website but were completed as part of prior USGS studies (Alpine 2010).
  • The current (2020) status of each mine site indicated on the map may not match the status at the time the mine was studied.
  • Mines on standby status are capable of producing more uranium, but production is on hold by the mining company.

Pigeon Mine Pigeon Mine Hermit Mine Hermit Mine Kanab North Mine Kanab North Mine EZ Complex EZ Complex Hack Canyon Mines Hack Canyon Mines Little Robinson Tank Little Robinson Tank Arizona 1 Mine Arizona 1 Mine Pinenut Mine Pinenut Mine Orphan Mine Orphan Mine Pinyon Plain Mine Pinyon Plain Mine