Agenda Charter/Charge Minutes Newsletter Presentation Publication

2018 June 28 Executive Committee Meeting Materials


Date: 2018/06/28

Author(s): MRGESCP

Meeting Materials Included in This File

  • Meeting Agenda
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Draft FY16‑FY17 MRGESCP Annual Report [draft]
  • Reservoir Storage Status
  • Water Release and Storage Summary
  • MRGESCP Goals Statement
  • Draft Administrative Work Group Charge [draft]
  • PMWG Charge
  • ScW/HR Charge
  • Summary of 2018 Jiggle Operations and Silvery Minnow Egg Collections (4 Jiggles + 2 Riggles) [presentation]
  • MRGESCP Newsletter June 2018 [not included]
  • Endangered Species Act Permit Guidance [presentation]
  • Endangered Species Act Basics: 40 Years of Conserving Endangered Species
  • Draft Endangered Species Act Permit Guidance [draft]

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