Integrated Hydrology + Data Science

Washington State Groundwater Projects

The Challenge

USGS Washington Water Science Center has a long history of working with local partners to understand the groundwater of Washington State. From the late 1800s when efforts were focused on locating flowing artesian wells to support farming, to current efforts focused on preparing complex computer models to help in the management of heavily-used groundwater, the USGS continues to contribute to the growing body of knowledge about Washington groundwater. A web-based data explorer will allow partners and stakeholders to see all current and completed groundwater projects.

Our Solution

IHDS developers designed a web-based interactive groundwater project and data explorer:

  • Provide an overview and geographic descriptor of groundwater studies
  • Build a map-based interface that allows users to see project extents
  • Make it easy to update projects

What We Did

Data Integration

Javascript Development

Science Communication

Web Map Development

Tools We Used

ArcGIS Server