Collaborative Seminar: 2022 Collaboratory Outcomes and Next Steps


Date: 2023/02/16

Author(s): Lee D. and Murphy C.

Publication: Video Link


The MRGESCP held its first Collaboratory on December 6-7, 2022. The event was designed to apply management relevance to the MRGESCP's science activities and get signatory feedback to help determine the science priorities for the next two years. Outcomes from the Collaboratory will be sent to the Science and Adaptive Management Committee (SAMC) to inform the Science Evaluation in early 2023. The Science Evaluation will assess the Collaborative Program’s science and AM tools and processes and provide a process for making improvements to them. With the Collaboratory, the Collaborative Program took a huge step away from planning and into the practice of fully interacting with its science and AM tools and processes. The MRGESCP's Program Manager, Debbie Lee, and Science Coordinator, Catherine Murphy, will speak on the outcomes from the 2022 Collaboratory and get feedback on what comes next.

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