Agenda Minutes Presentation Science & AM Long-Term Plan Work Plan

2024 January 18 Executive Committee Meeting Materials


Date: 2024/01/18

Author(s): MRGESCP

Meeting Materials Included in This File

  • Agenda
  • Minutes
  • Draft 2023 FPC Summary Report [read-ahead, draft]
  • Draft 2023 SAMC Summary Report [read-ahead, draft]
  • 2024 SAMC Membership [read-ahead]
  • 2023 MRGESCP Work Plan Summary of Accomplishments [read-ahead]
  • 2023 MRGESCP Work Plan [read-ahead, spreadsheet]
  • Draft 2024 MRGESCP Work Plan [read-ahead, spreadsheet, draft]
  • Draft Funding Approach Schematic [read-ahead, draft]
  • Draft Multi-Year Plan [read-ahead, draft]
  • Long-Term Plan for Science and Adaptive Management Project List [read-ahead, not included]
  • VSWCD Membership Request Letter [read-ahead]
  • VSWCD Application Questions [read-ahead]
  • Hydrology Update for the MRG ESA Collaborative Program EC [presentation]
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