Agenda Memo Minutes Presentation Publication

2017 April 26-27 Executive Committee Retreat Materials


Date: 2017/04/26

Author(s): MRGESCP

Meeting Materials Included in This File

  • EC Retreat Agenda
  • EC Retreat Minutes
  • EC Retreat Ground Rules
  • MRGESCP Authorizing Legislation
  • Re-Establishing the EC’s Roles and Responsibilities in the Administration of the “New” Collaborative Program Memo
  • EC Rights and Obligations in Funding and Governance of the Collaborative Program Memo
  • RGSM Panel Preliminary Priorities
  • Draft Adaptive Management Framework Scientific Uncertainties and Focal Questions for SWFL, YBCU, and NMMJM
  • Summary of Collaborative Program Interviews and Write-Ups [presentation]
  • Recovery Implementation Program Comparison with Reclamation Biological Opinion [presentation]
  • Grand Canyon Monitoring and Research Center and Adaptive Management [presentation]
  • Performance Work Statement Program and Science Support Services [not included]
  • EC Retreat Proposed Communication Principles
  • 2012 MRGESCP By-Laws
  • MRG Adaptive Management Plan – General Convening Assessment Report
  • Draft EC Retreat Key Decisions
  • EC Retreat Decisions and Action Items
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