Integrated Hydrology + Data Science

Lake Tahoe Basin Science

The Challenge

Hydrologic data in the Tahoe Basin are currently not accessible in one location and are not provided to the public in an easy to understand way. An interactive hydrology mapper is needed to visualize hydrologic data, past and present, to give agencies and the public improved understanding of processes. Visualizations of these data can identify Important hydrologic conditions and variables in the context of stream restoration and lake clarity. Stakeholders need a single repository for easier retrieval, analysis, and interpretation of USGS and NRCS existing data sources as it relates to nutrient and sediment loads into Lake Tahoe.

Our Solution

Build a new content framework and database for updating the existing Lake Tahoe website.

Design and develop a Lake Tahoe Hydromapper:

  • Include real-time data sets from National Weather Service, NRCS Snotel Sites, and USGS Lake Tahoe Interagency Monitoring Program gages.
  • Include spatial data for weather forecasts, snow-water equivalents, base maps, and other data.

Build visualization tools for data exploration:

  • Develop plots to compare drought, average, and wet conditions for various water years for: Lake elevation, Streamflow, Turbidity, Fine sediment loads, Temperature, Nutrients, Integrate additional data exploration tools like EGRET.
  • Design interactive visualizations for lake clarity.

What We Did

Data Integration

Data Visualization

Javascript Development

UX/UI Design

Web Development

Tools We Used


ArcGIS Server



SQL Server