Integrated Hydrology + Data Science

California Oil, Gas, and Groundwater (COGG) Program

The Challenge

The California Water Science Center (CAWSC) was looking for a new way to organize study information and to present study information and findings on the California Oil, Gas, and Groundwater (COGG) Program website. Additionally, some study findings needed to be presented in 3D.

Our Solution

To meet the needs of CAWSC, the IHDS team

  • Designed a content framework and database to store study information and findings.
  • Redesigned the existing COGG website to use the new framework and database.
  • Added new data visualizations.
  • Built 3D visualizations for study findings.
  • Added an interactive map of 3D map locations.

What We Did

Design Strategy

Digital Architecture

Web Development

Visual Design

Tools We Used