Integrated Hydrology + Data Science

Aquifer Hydrogeology

The Challenge

The USGS Oklahoma-Texas Water Science Center (OTWSC) developed a regional conceptual model of the hydrogeologic framework and geochemistry of the Ogallala, Edwards-Trinity, and Dockum aquifers and documented changes between early development (1930-60) and recent (2005-15) groundwater-level altitudes and dissolved-solids and nitrate concentrations in the area. OTWSC needed a way to show model results and the changes within the aquifers.

Our Solution

Build web map services for available data.

Design an interactive web application that allows users to

  • choose an area on the map and build a visualization of the hydrogeologic column,
  • see groundwater conditions (well measurements, nitrate and dissolved solids concentrations, flow paths, and potentiometric contours), and
  • water-level change.

What We Did

App Development

Data Visualization

Design Strategy

Javascript Development

Managed Maintenance and Support

Web Map Development

Tools We Used

ArcGIS Server