Registry of Scientific Collections

Started in 2007, ReSciColl contains more than 3.5 million items.

ReSciColl promotes discovery and reuse of scientific assets. ReSciColl includes metadata records describing geological, geophysical, and biological collections and data managed by state geological surveys and the U.S. Geological Survey. These collections include rock samples, thin sections, field notebooks, photographs, maps, datasets, and more. Collections are described using metadata elements that assist users in discovering, understanding, accessing, and using physical collections.

Collections Map
Map showing clustered locations of NDC collections

The ReSciColl Map provides a graphic display of scientific collections with sort and filter capabilities.


The ReSciColl Inventory provides an alphabetical list of collections by organization, background information, and access to associated items.

Collections Management

NGGDPP is developing enhanced scientific collections and items metadata profiles, with new tools and guidance. While in development the NDC collections management tools, including the NDC Dashboard remain the required tools. The ReSciColl Dashboard is planned to be sunsetted when the expanded documentation and tools are fully operational. Training will be provided by NGGDPP staff on the new documentation tools.

Submit or update existing collections and contribute new, update, or append items within your collections.