California Oil, Gas, and Groundwater Program

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Terry, N.C., Land, M.T., Stanton, J.S., and Landon, M.K.


U.S. Geological Survey data release



This release contains borehole geophysical electrical log data (elogs), total dissolved solids sample data (TDS), and geostatistical program files used to estimate the salinity distribution in groundwater above and in the vicinity of the Montebello Oil Field, located near Los Angeles, California, USA. Original data are drawn from a variety of publicly available sources and are combined here for use in geostatistical simulation and estimation. The extent of the estimation area is a 3-mile buffer zone surrounding the Montebello Oil Field administrative boundary, and the subsurface aquifer region lying above locally mapped oil-bearing units. The data compilation and analysis were done as part of the California State Water Resources Control Board Oil and Gas Regional Monitoring Program and the associated USGS California Oil, Gas, and Groundwater (COGG) Program.