California Oil, Gas, and Groundwater Program

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Zamudio, K.D., and Ball, L.B.


U.S. Geological Survey data release



Airborne electromagnetic (AEM) and magnetic survey data were collected during October 2016 over a total distance of 262 line kilometers in the southeastern San Joaquin Valley near Cawelo, California. These data were collected in support of groundwater salinity mapping and hydrogeologic framework development as part of the U.S. Geological Survey California Oil, Gas, and Groundwater program and the California State Water Resources Control Board’s Oil and Gas Regional Monitoring Program. Data were acquired by SkyTEM ApS with the SkyTEM 312 time-domain helicopter-borne electromagnetic system together with a Geometrics G822A cesium vapor magnetometer. The survey was designed to cover the region hydrogeologically downgradient of the Poso Creek Oil Field. The survey was flown at a nominal flight height of 35 m above terrain along block-style lines with a nominal spacing of 300 m. The AEM typical maximum depth of investigation is between 150 and 300 m.