Contact: Michael Stephens


This 3D visual displays data that can be found in Gillespie and others (2019a). This data release was updated in June 2022 to correct some erroneous data points found in the “geologic_markers.csv” file. This file was replaced with “geologic_markers (ver 2.1).xlsx”, and it contains the depths of various geologic layers and the base of the <10,000 mg/L water in the Lost Hills/Belridge area. One well (02975040) was added to “geophysical_log_analysis (ver 2.1).xlsx”. Please see the related manuscript for details (Gillespie and others, 2019b). The z-axis in the visual is scaled by 0.35.

The changes from version 2 to version 3 were:

  • 02937672: Amnicola base from 1,310 ft to 1,348 ft.
  • 02935522: Removed well.
  • 02909463: Removed well.
  • 03034569: Changed longitude from -119.717958 to -119.7356734.
  • 02929577: Changed Tulare base from 2,074 ft to 1,717 ft.
  • 02936507: Removed the middle Tulare clay pick.
  • 02945653: Removed the middle Tulare clay pick.
  • 03012267: Removed the middle Tulare clay pick.
  • 02975040: Removed the base of <10,000 mg/L water.
  • 02977811: Changed longitude from -119.672067 to -119.6627439.
  • 02977811: Changed latitude from 35.528805 to 35.5433201.
  • 02989264: Changed middle Tulare clay top from 150 ft to 348 ft.
  • 02903874: Changed middle Tulare clay top from 327 ft to 464 ft.
  • 02975040: Added well.
  • 02974435: Added well.


Gillespie, J.M., Davis, T.A., Ball, L.B., Herrera, P.J., Wolpe, Z., Medrano, V., Bobbitt, M., and Stephens, M.J., 2019a, Geological, geochemical, and geophysical data from the Lost Hills and Belridge oil fields (ver. 2.1, June 2022): U.S. Geological Survey data release,

Gillespie, J.M., Davis, T.A., Stephens, M.J., Ball, L.B., Landon, M.K., 2019b, Groundwater salinity and the effects of produced water disposal in the Lost Hills–Belridge oil fields, Kern County, California: Environmental Geosciences, v.26, no. 3, p. 73-96.