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Walker Basin Hydro Mapper
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Welcome to the Walker River Basin Hydro Mapper. This mapping application provides a basin-wide perspective of real-time streamflow and lake and reservoir storage capacity and stage for the Walker River Basin in Nevada and California. The Hydro Mapper also provides access to historic streamflow, and lake and reservoir data. This tool was developed to create a common operating picture for water users in the Walker Basin and to help monitor changes to instream flows associated with the Walker Basin Restoration Program.

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State parks boat ramp, Walker Lake, 9/12/2005, Dana Weise
Walker Lake, September 12, 2005; Photo Credit: Dana Weise

The Walker Basin Restoration Program was enacted by Congress in 2009 through Public Law 111-85 and is administered by the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) through the Bureau of Reclamation's (BOR) Desert Terminal Lakes Program. The program's core purpose is to restore and maintain Walker Lake, a natural, terminal lake in west-central Nevada at the endpoint of the Walker River system of Nevada and California. Walker Lake is an internationally protected stopover point for migratory birds on the Pacific Flyway and an important fishery for threatened Lahontan cutthroat trout. Depleted freshwater inflows and changes to the hydrologic cycle have resulted in declines in lake levels and increases in salinity which threaten the ecological health of the lake.


Real-Time Data

Lakes and Reservoirs

10288500 Walker Lake Nr Hawthorne, NV
10292500 Bridgeport Re Nr Bridgeport, CA
10297000 Topaz Lake Nr Topaz, CA
10301700 Weber Res Nr Schurz, NV

East Walker River

10293000 E Walker Rv Nr Bridgeport, CA
10293048 Sweetwater Ck At Hwy 338 Abv Mth Nr Bridgeport, CA
10293500 E Walker Rv Abv Strosnider Ditch Nr Mason, NV

West Walker River

10296000 W Walker Rv Blw L Walker Rv Nr Coleville, CA
10296500 W Walker Rv Nr Coleville, CA
10297500 W Walker Rv At Hoye Brg Nr Wellington, NV
10300000 W Walker Rv Nr Hudson, NV

Walker River

10300600 Walker Rv Nr Mason, NV
10301120 Walker Rv At Miller Ln Nr Yerington, NV
10301290 Perk/Joggles Slough Abv Confl With Walker Rv, NV
10301495 Wabuska Drain Abv Walker Rv Cnfl Nr Parker Butte, NV
10301500 Walker Rv Nr Wabuska, NV
10301600 Walker Rv Abv Weber Res Nr Schurz, NV
10301720 Walker Rv At Pt Site Blw Weber Res Nr Schurz, NV
10301745 Walker Rv Abv Little Dam Nr Schurz, NV
10301755 Canal No 1 Blw Little Dam Nr Schurz, NV
10301742 Canal No 2 Abv Little Dam Nr Schurz, NV
10302002 Walker Rv At Lateral 2-A Siphon Nr Schurz, NV
10302025 Walker Rv Nr Mouth At Walker Lake, NV

Wilson Canyon, 7/7/2011, Mark Gamba, NFWF
Wilson Canyon, July 7, 2011; Photo Credit: Mark Gamba, NFWF

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