Office of the Delaware River Master

Thermal Release Request

The current Cannonsville release was reduced to 550 cfs on Wednesday due to storage lowering to the L1c zone. The L1b release from Pepacton is 300 cfs.

Due to the potential for elevated water temperatures, NYSDEC requested an increase in the Cannonsville Reservoir release to 625 cfs starting at 4:00 PM August 11th until 3:59 AM August 12th, then a return to 550 cfs starting at 4:00 AM August 12th.

Cannonsville Reservoir Requested Ramping Schedule

August 11

Time Beginning Flow
Ending Flow
4:00PM 550 625 +75
4:00AM 625 550 -75
The increase was requested for one step of 75 cfs at about 4:00 PM on Wednesday. The decrease was requested for one step of 40 cfs at 4:00 AM and one step of 35 cfs at 5:00 AM on Thursday morning. The approximate debit from the thermal mitigation bank for this increase is about 40 cfs-days.

Requested By:

Brenan Tarrier

Professional Engineer 1, Division of Water

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation