Illinois River Floatcam - USGS 07196320 Illinois River near Moodys, OK (Combs Bridge)

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Illinois River Floatcam map

The Illinois River Floatcam is located at USGS station 07196320 on the Illinois River near Moodys, OK (Combs Bridge), about 36 miles downstream from the Arkansas state line. This station does not provide continuous monitoring of discharge, but discharge measurements are available at stations upstream (07196090 Illinois River at Chewey, OK) and downstream (07196500 Illinois River near Tahlequah, OK). The Floatcam provides information to the Grand River Dam Authority (GRDA), the USGS, and recreational enthusiasts. Please contact HD Relay ( for technical support regarding the live camera.

Latest station information (provisional and subject to change), --
Station name Chewey,
 Drainage area, mi2  825  897  950
 River mile, from state line
 23.6  36.4  55.1
 Gage height, feet (arbitrary 0)
 --  --  --
 Discharge, ft3/s  --  --  --
 Safety recommendation  --  --  --
 NWS flood category
 --  --  --
mi2, square miles; ft3/s, cubic feet per second; ° F, degrees Fahrenheit; --, not available; NWS, National Weather Service
Safety recommendations:
 (Personal flotation devices are recommended at all gage heights)
 A:  Everyone can go in canoes or rafts
 B:  Children 10 and under should not go in canoes and switch to rafts
 C:  Everyone should switch from canoes to rafts
 D:  Children 10 and under should not go
 E:  All floating should cease
Discharge, in cubic feet per second