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Streamflow measurement, Winter 2018 (clickable) [data]
Groundwater-level measurement, Winter 2018 (clickable) [data]
Documented spring (clickable) [data]
USGS streamgage (clickable) [data]
USGS continuous-recorder groundwater well (clickable) [data]
Boone (Springfield Plateau) aquifer [data]
Roubidoux (Ozark) aquifer [data]
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Roubidoux wells

24N-21E-19 DDA 1 Roubidoux2 hydrograph
27N-22E-14 CCD 1 Roubidoux3 hydrograph
7N-23E-22 CDA 1 Roubidoux4 hydrograph
13N-24E-10 CBB 1 Roubidoux5 hydrograph
20N-22E-24 CCC 1 Roubidoux6 hydrograph

Boone wells

26N-23E-19 BCB 1 Boone1 hydrograph
28N-21E-26 ACB 1 Boone3 hydrograph
20N-22E-07 DDA 1 Boone5 hydrograph
28N-23E-36 BCD 1 Boone6 hydrograph
18N-22E-04 AAD 1 Boone7 hydrograph
21N-22E-05 BBC 1 Boone8 hydrograph
17N-24E-08 DCB 1 Boone9 hydrograph
16N-24E-34 DDB 1 Boone10 hydrograph
29N-23E-17 BCA 1 (SLIM JIM WELL) hydrograph