Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Documents

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2023 Publication

Fantastic Birds and Where to Find Them. Dissertation. University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada

Phillips L., University of Nevada, Reno Dissertation

2023 Journal Article

Evolutionary Potential Mitigates Extinction Risk Under Climate Change in the Endangered Southwestern Willow Flycatcher

Forester B.R., Day C.C., Ruegg K., Landguth E.L., Journal of Heredity, v. 114, p. 341-353

2021 Journal Article

Linking climate niches across seasons to assess population vulnerability in a migratory bird

Ruegg K., Anderson E.C., Somveille M., Bay R.A., Whitfield M., Paxton E.H., Smith T.B., Global Change Biology, v. 27, p. 3519-3531

2021 Journal Article

Subspecies discrimination based on song structure by Willow Flycatchers

Mahoney S.M., Pasch B., Theimer T.C., Journal of Field Ornithology, v. 92, p. 173-183

2022 Journal Article

Recovery of a native tree following removal of an invasive competitor with implications for endangered bird habitat

Goetz A., Moffit I. and Sher A.A.,, Biological Invasions, v. 24, p. 2769-2793

2020 Journal Article

Song but not plumage varies geographically among Willow Flycatcher (Empidonax traillii) subspecies

Mahoney S.M., Reudink M.W., Pasch B., Theimer T.C., Journal of Avian Biology, v. 51

2019 Journal Article

Effect of hydrologic, geomorphic, and vegetative conditions on avian communities in the Middle Rio Grande of New Mexico

Hamilton S.G., King S.L., Dello Russo G. et al., Wetlands, v. 39, p. 1029-1042

2018 Journal Article

Patch Age Since Disturbance Drives Patch Dynamics for Flycatchers Breeding in Both Reservoir and Riverine Habitat

Theimer T.C., Sogge M.K., Paxton E.H., Ecosphere, v. 9

2018 Journal Article

Extreme drought alters frequency and reproductive success of floaters in Willow Flycatchers

Theimer T.C., Sogge M.K., Cardinal S.N., Durst S.L., Paxton E.H., The Auk, v. 135, p. 647-656

2018 Journal Article

Using conspecific broadcast for Willow Flycatcher restoration

Schofield L.N., Loffland H.L., Siegel R.B., Stermer C., Mathewson H.A., Avian Conservation and Ecology, v. 13

2018 Journal Article

Ecological genomics predicts climate vulnerability in an endangered southwestern songbird

Ruegg K., Bay R.A., Anderson E.C., Saracco J.F., Harrigan R.J., Whitfield M., Paxton E.H., Smith T.B., Ecology Letters, v. 21, p. 1085-1096

2018 Journal Article

Using Prey Availability to Evaluate Lower Colorado River Riparian Restoration

Rubin Z., Rios‐Touma B., Kondolf G.M., Power M.E., Saffarinia P., Natali J., Restoration Ecology, v. 27

2018 Publication

Unintended consequences: Tamarisk control and increasing threats to the southwestern willow flycatcher

McLeod, M.A., In: Johnson, R. Roy; Carothers, Steven W.; Finch, Deborah M.; Kingsley, Kenneth J.; Stanley, John T., tech. eds. 2018. Riparian research and management: Past, present, future: Volume 1. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-377. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. p. 62-84

2018 Journal Article

A synoptic review of Tamarix biocontrol in North America: tracking success in the midst of controversy

Bean D., Dudley T., BioControl, v. 63, p. 361-376.

Annual Report


04/29/2024, 2023 Final Report submitted to: US Army Corps of Engineers, USACE Contract #: W912PP18C0023 & US Bureau of Reclamation, Grant NO R21AP10166

2024 Annual Report

2023 Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Collaborative Program Annual Report

MRGESCP, Prepared for Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Act Collaborative Program, 20 p.

2024 Bibliography

Bibliography of Literature Published in 2023

MRGESCP, Middle Rio Grande Endangered Species Collaborative Program report.

2023 Technical Report

Isleta Diversion Dam Modification Project Environmental Assessment

BRIC, LLC, Environmental Assessment prepared by BRIC, LLC, a subsidiary of Diné Development Corporation. Prepared for U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, Albuquerque Area Office, 38 p.

2023 Publication

2022 Middle Rio Grande Southwestern Willow Flycatcher Study Results

Moore D., Root S., Prepared by U.S. Bureau of Reclamation, 49 p.

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