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2024 Annual Report

Rio Grande Silvery Minnow Population Monitoring During 2023

Dudley R.K., Platania S.P., White G.C., Report by 1) American Southwest Ichthyological Researchers, 2) Museum of Southwestern Biology (Fishes), UNM, and 3) Department of Fish, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology, CSU submitted to US Bureau of Reclamation

2023 Technical Report

Review of riparian models for assessing ecological impacts and benefits

Wiest S.R., Hernandez-Abrams D.D., McKay S.K., U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Engineering Research and Development Center, Technical Note no. ERDC/TN EMRRP-ER-26

2023 Publication

Securing Environmental Flows for the Rio Grande Silvery Minnow

Veihl, A., University of New Mexico Thesis

2023 Journal Article

The Need for Constructing Endangered Fish Habitats that Conform to Climate‐Driven Flow Changes in a Western U.S. River

Valdez R.A., Cunningham C., Effati A., Freeman D.L., Journal of the American Water Resources Association, v. 59, p. 1084-1098

2023 Journal Article

Historical DNA Reveals Climate Adaptation in an Endangered Songbird

Turbek S.P., Bossu C., Rayne C. et al., Nature Climate Change, v. 13, p. 735-741

2023 Publication

Increasing Accessibility of Riparian Assessment Tools through Web Applications

Shaw C K., Wiest S.R., ASCE Inspire 2023, p. 199-207

2023 Journal Article

Modeling Compound Hydrologic Disturbances in the Rio Grande Headwaters

Schneider K.E., Rust A., Hogue T., Journal of the American Water Resources Association, v. 60, p. 95-109

2022 Journal Article

Adapting Irrigated Agriculture in the Middle Rio Grande to a Warm-Dry Future

Samimi M., Mirchi A., Moriasi D., Sheng Z., Gutzler D., Taghvaeian S., Alian S., Wagner K., Hargrove W., Journal of Hydrology: Regional Studies, v. 45

2023 Technical Report

Development of an Integrated Hydrologic Flow Model of the Rio San Jose Basin and Surrounding Areas, New Mexico

Ritchie A.B., Chavarria S.B., Galanter A.E., Flickinger A.K., Robertson A.J., Sweetkind D.S., U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2023–5028, 76 p., 1 pl.

2023 Publication

Fantastic Birds and Where to Find Them. Dissertation. University of Nevada, Reno, Nevada

Phillips L., University of Nevada, Reno Dissertation

2023 Journal Article

Adaptive Governance Strategies to Address Wildfire and Watershed Resilience in New Mexico's Upper Rio Grande Watershed

Morgan M., Webster A., Piccarello M., Jones K., Chermak J., McCarthy L., Srinivasan J., Frontiers in Climate, v. 5

2023 Publication

Chapter 11 - Colorado River Basin

Metcalfe A.N., Muehlbauer J.D., Ford M.A., Kennedy T.A., in Delong M.D., Jardine T.D., Benke A.C., Cushing C.E., eds. Rivers of North America: Academic Press, San Diego, California

2022 Journal Article

Understanding Local Adaptation to Prepare Populations for Climate Change

Meek M.H., Beever E.A., Barbosa S., Fitzpatrick S.W., Fletcher N.K., Mittan-Moreau C.S., Reid B.N., Campbell-Staton S.C., Green N.F., Hellmann J.J., BioScience, v. 73, p. 36-47

2023 Journal Article

Wagering with an Incomplete Deck—Refining Conservation Plans for the New Mexico Meadow Jumping Mouse (Zapus luteus luteus)

Malaney J.L., Wilford C.R., Woods J.T., Christman B.L., Jennings R.D., Chambers C.L., Zahratka J.L., Liphardt S.W., Demboski J.R., Cook J.A., Journal of Mammalogy, v. 104, p. 1019-1035

2023 Journal Article

Abundance and Occupancy of the Western Yellow-Billed Cuckoo (Coccyzus americanus) in Sonora, Mexico

Macías-Duarte A., Juárez E., Murrieta E.S., Perales-Hoeffer E.L., Ortega Rosas C.I., Canadian Journal of Zoology

2023 Journal Article

Functional Stability of Vegetation Following Biocontrol of an Invasive Riparian Shrub

Henry A.L., González-Sargas E., Shafroth P.B., Goetz A.R., Sher A.A., Biological Invasions, v. 25, p. 1133-1147

2023 Journal Article

Management of Water Supply Shortages to Sustain an Endangered Fish Species

Hatch M.D., Ward F.A., Journal of Water Resources Planning and Management, v. 149

2023 Technical Report

Defining Levels of Effort for Ecological Models

Harris A.E., Richards N.S., McKay S.K., U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Engineering Research and Development Center, ERDC/TN EMRRP-EM-11

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