Instructions for Poster Presenters

Thank you for presenting your work at the MRGESCP 2020 Science Symposium! As the event is virtual, held via Zoom, you will need to make special arrangements to ensure your poster is successful. Please note the following instructions when preparing your poster.

All poster presenters must prepare a pdf version of their poster and send it to by November 20, 2020. Include your name and the title of your poster in the email. There are no formatting requirements. Posters will be made available on the MRGESCP website prior to the poster session. Attendees will be able to download your poster and view it on their own.

To prepare your poster for presentation over Zoom, please create PowerPoint slides (see further instructions below). You can present these slides to Zoom attendees.

If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Tuineau (

Poster pdf deadline: November 20, 2020

Suggested slideshow length: 6-8 slides

Creating Your Poster

  • Follow the usual recommendations for poster design, font size, etc.
  • As these posters will be available on the MRGESCP website for later viewing, please avoid the use of copyrighted material, unless you have permission.
  • Include your preferred contact information (e.g., email, social media handles).

Creating Your Poster Slides

  • Slides should consist of sections of your poster (i.e., Introduction, Methods Results, Conclusions).
  • Presenters should limit themselves to 6-8 slides, formatted as the author chooses.
  • Please try to include a short biography.
  • Please remember that a poster is not meant to be the same as an oral presentation, and instead, can be treated as an informal conversation.

Submitting Your Poster Presentation

  • Send a pdf version of your poster to by November 20, 2020. Include your name and the title of your poster in the email.
  • Send a pdf of your entire poster (i.e., as if you were going to print it and take it to physical meeting) and your poster slides.
  • Although your poster will be available for download on the MRGESCP website, you will still need to show and present your slides during your poster session.

At the Symposium

  • During the poster sessions, presenters will each be assigned a Zoom breakout room. Presenters will be asked to share their poster slides in the room.
  • Attendees will be provided a list of poster presentations and corresponding breakout rooms. Attendees will be moving between breakout rooms. Be aware that new attendees may enter your room at any time.

After the Symposium

  • Your poster will be available on the searchable MRGESCP website.
  • Your poster may be included in follow-up proceedings for the 2020 MRGESCP Science Symposium.