Instructions for Oral Presenters

Thank you for presenting your work at the MRGESCP 2020 Science Symposium! As the event is virtual, held via Zoom, you will need to make special arrangements to ensure your presentation is successful. Please note the following instructions when preparing your oral presentation.

Oral presenters may give live or prerecorded presentations. All presenters must prepare a pdf version of their presentation and send it to by November 20, 2020. Include your name and the title of your presentation in the email. PDF and recorded versions of presentations will be made available on the MRGESCP website following the symposium. Attendees will be able to download your presentation and view it on their own.

If you have any questions, please contact Michelle Tuineau (

Oral presentation pdf deadline (for all presentations): November 20, 2020

Length: 15 minutes

Prerecorded oral presentation deadline: November 27, 2020

File formats accepted: .mp4, .mov, .fbr, .mv4

Maximum resolution: 1920 x 1080 (Full HD)

Creating Your Slides

  • Follow the usual recommendations for slide design, font size, minutes per slide, etc.
  • Presentations should be 15 minutes in length.
  • As these presentations will be available on the MRGESCP website for later viewing, please avoid the use of copyrighted material, unless you have permission.
  • Begin your talk with a self-introduction.
    • Please include a photo or short video of yourself and a brief bio (<75 words).
  • Also include your preferred contact information (e.g., email, social media handles).
  • End your talk by again showing your contact info and social media handles.

Prerecording Your Presentation

  • While we expect most people will use PowerPoint to prerecord their presentations, you may use other screen recording software.
  • If you record in PowerPoint, be aware that quality problems have been reported.
  • Recordings made directly with PowerPoint are acceptable if exported to the .mp4 file format, but please be sure to check your final recording carefully before submission, especially for dropped words or long pauses.
  • As an alternative to recording in PowerPoint, there are several other free options for recording your presentation:
    • Windows:
      • Flashback Express (free download)
      • TechSmith Snagit (15-day free trial)
      • Zoom (free account)
    • Mac:
      • QuickTime Player (included on most Apple devices)
      • Keynote (included on most Apple devices)
      • TechSmith Snagit (15-day free trial)
      • Zoom (free account)
  • Because some viewers may have limited bandwidth, we suggest that you do not video record yourself with your webcam throughout the presentation, although a brief video introduction is fine.

Submitting Your Prerecorded Presentation

Email your prerecorded presentation in .mp4, .mov, .fbr, or .m4v format to by November 27, 2020. Include your name and the title of your presentation in the email.

Recording Live Presentations

  • All live presentations will be recorded via Zoom and made available on the MRGESCP website.
  • A symposium moderator will record and upload presentations.

Q&A Sessions

  • All oral presentations will be followed by 5-minute question and answer sessions.
  • All questions following prerecorded presentations and any questions that are not answered following live presentations will be compiled by symposium moderators and presented via chat forum.
  • Transcripts of chat discussions will be posted on the MRGESCP website.

After the Symposium

  • Your presentation will be available on the searchable MRGESCP website.
  • Your presentation may be included in follow-up proceedings for the 2020 MRGESCP Science Symposium.