Streamer Map Services


October 2015


General public, partner agencies, educators, web developers

Base Data

1:1M scale networked hydrography for the Nation (water features and streamgages)

Launch Streamer Map Services

Base maps designed for Streamer emphasize hydrographic features over transportation and political features. These map services are available to the general public for use in web mapping applications requiring small scale hydrographic base maps. The Map Services for Developers site provides information required to add the Streamer map services to your own application.

Four map services are available: hydrographic base map for terrain, hydrographic base map for imagery, mask of lands outside the United States, and ocean. Links to samples, example code using the map services, and the ArcGIS REST Services Directory are provided. Tutorials are available that show how to build a web page containing a map with Streamer map services using the Leaflet and ESRI JavaScript (ESRI JSAPI) web mapping frameworks.

screenshot of the Streamer Map Services homepage

screenshot of the Streamer Map Services sample map

screenshot of the Streamer Map Services tutorials