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1:1M scale networked hydrography for the Nation (water features and streamgages)


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Streamer is an online mapping application for exploring downstream and upstream along America’s rivers and streams. Since Streamer was first released in 2013, scientists, water managers, students, and citizens have used Streamer extensively. The mobile friendly version takes most of the features from the desktop version and packages them into an intuitive, easy-to-use format on a smartphone or tablet.

The Streamer Trace API is a programming interface written in JavaScript and designed to add upstream and downstream traces to an ESRI-based web map. Four Streamer map services are available along with tutorials that show how to build a web page containing a map with Streamer map service layers. New map services for Streamer are designed to emphasize hydrographic features while improved map symbols have been incorporated to make it easier to distinguish major streams and cities.

Screenshot of Streamer trace downstream

Screenshot of Streamer trace upstream

Screenshot of Streamer detailed report