USGS Response to Hurricane Harvey


August 2018


General public, partner agencies, municipalities, emergency managers

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In the immediate aftermath of Harvey, the USGS and the Federal Emergency Management Agency initiated a study to evaluate the magnitude of flooding, determine the probability of future occurrence and map the extent of the flooding in Texas. USGS field crews collected 2,123 high-water marks in 22 counties in southeast Texas and three parishes across southwest Louisiana. High-water mark data, along with flood flow information from USGS streamgages, were used to create 19 inundation maps to document the areal extent and depth of the flooding.

The Hurricane Harvey web application tells the story of the USGS response to Harvey and allows users to explore flood-inundation data collected after Harvey. Flood-inundation maps from USGS Scientific Investigations Report 2018-5070 are included.

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Close-up view of the Hurricane Harvey Riverine Inundation Map

Close-up of specific riverine inundation maps