USGS Texas Water Dashboard

Released: April 2016

Audience: General public, partner agencies, floodplain managers, emergency managers

Link: http://txpub.usgs.gov/txwaterdashboard/

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(See 'The Texas Water Dashboard')

The Texas Water Dashboard is a web mapping application that presents U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) real-time stream, lake, reservoir, precipitation, and well data in Texas in context with current weather and hazard conditions. Real-time measurements from over 750 USGS observation stations in Texas are accessible from the map viewer, along with complementary map layers such as current precipitation, past precipitation totals, future precipitation forecasts, and drought conditions.

Additionally, flood and precipitation Twitter feeds for USGS gages can be viewed (@usgs_texasflood and @usgs_texasrain). For more information about the use of Twitter during floods visit The Texas Water Science Center on Twitter Page. The information presented in the map is automatically updated every minute with the latest available data.